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Refund Policy - Thomas Funding 0

Refund Policy

About our non-refund policy All purchases made through our site will be final, no exceptions


If you decide that you would like to become a member, but then along down the line you feel that our services no longer suites your wants or needs, you are more than welcome to cancel your monthly membership at any time without being charged with any hidden fees or be hit with unexpected penalties. This is not a contract membership site, you do not have to have a reason to cancel your monthly membership with us if you decided that our services no longer serves you, but again, we will not be able to issue out any refunds for the months that you’ve paid for.

Non- members

If you decide that you would like to apply for funding through our online application process, you will be required to pay a $25 application fee that will be non-refundable even if your application is not approved at the time you applied.

Customers who decides to donate

If your someone who likes to give and decided to donate, your donation will not be refunded, again, all purchase made on our site will be final with no exceptions. We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to you. We also stand by our services and can assure you that you will be 100% satisfied no matter what decision that you decide to make.

Please make sure to reach out to us on our “Contact us” page if you still have questions or check out our “FAQ” page where you will find all answers to questions that you still may have.